You’re My Favorite – a Companion Compendium.

Welcome to Fluffy Sci-Fi Fridays. On Fridays (not every Friday, okay?), we’re gonna get a little nerdy here. I love doctrine. I love pews. But I love some Doctor Who. So we’re gonna talk Who. We’re gonna talk some Star Trek TNG (Picard 2020 can you even!). We might even tiptoe carefully into Middle Earth – might! – but the thought of unintentionally marring any work of the Inklings is ghastly to me, and others have already done it better. Hold onto your Longbottom Leaf just in case.

Also, it’s not really fluff, because 10.5 million Doctor Who viewers and I can’t be wrong, right? And when I say “Doctor Who”, while I love (really!) that this show has been around since 1963, it took my husband 2 years to convince me to even start watching where it picked up in ’05 – so I’m not including “Classic” Who in this. NuWho is as close to the original as I’m gonna get.

I have tried (unsuccessfully) to get my friends into Doctor Who so we could have colorful conversations about this, and they just won’t do it. Upon reflection, my error may have been starting with the season 9 opener, but how would I know they would make little weird eyeball “hand-mines” and freak everyone out? So now because nobody will watch Doctor Who with me, I have to pour my Who-love out on the internet. You are welcome.

So, scootch out of the pew and step into the Tardis. Let’s talk companions. I’m gonna do a broad overview today but someday I want to do a real Companion Compendium. We could start with the Doctors, but I’m still upset over the 13th, and I’m not ready to talk about it.

  • Rose. She’s my second-fave for so many reasons and we all know if Shakespeare were around today we’d be reading about Rose + Meta-Crisis Doctor instead of Romeo + Juliet because their love story is just so dang good. He grew a new doctor out of his severed hand, y’all. Just to keep his babe company for the rest of her life! If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. Rose Tyler, you beautiful flower, I love you.
  • Donna Noble, she is my tie for second favorite. Donna is the wittiest companion the doctor had and will ever have. Her story arc was brilliant and I cried more at him losing his bestie Donna than I did at him burning up an actual star for Rose.
  • *Wilf. Wilfred gets an asterisk because I’m not sure he qualifies as a technical companion (for example, I’m not going to include Mickey or Jack). But he’s wonderful and perfect and adorable and I want him to be my granddad, and I want him to wear the antlers.
  • Martha Jones, defender of the world. She loved the doctor and he couldn’t reciprocate her affection, so she MOVED ON and managed to save the world and kept her dignity. Martha, you are truly the unappreciated queen of companions.
  • Amy + Rory Pond. I’m gonna make some enemies here by saying that my husband loves Amy and I just don’t understand it. Is it just the hair? He also doesn’t share my love for Rose, which I also don’t understand. Also, I didn’t think the guardian of the Pandorica thing was as romantic as the entire internets did ::shrug:: Marriage is a sacred mystery, folks.
  • River Song, his actual wife. I love her and she’s never done a thing wrong except maybe when she killed the Doctor which she more than makes up for in the library, in my opinion. She’s the only person that knows his real name, and I think that’s spicy. Don’t even get me started about the monolith loving her back at The Singing Towers of Darillium. River, you curly self-sacrificial minx, we all love you.
  • Clara. Namesake of my external hard drive, she is my favorite. She loved the doctor, she took risks and she did it scared (she also died doing it, but that’s for another time). Additionally, what she drew out of the Doctor was complex and captivating and made for really good TV. By guilt or obsession or a little bit of both, he spent 4.5 billion years drawing on her memories, only to break every rule of his people to get her back from death, for which she thanked him by abandoning him. Extremely rude, but it’s Clara.

This isn’t fair, but all the post-Clara companions are just living in her shadow in my book. I feel that gets a pass since I know that’s unfair, and I’m telling you the truth about not giving them the objective love they deserve. In a future Sci-Friday, we can revisit Bill Potts, Nardole, Graham, (Grace, rest in peace), Ryan, and Yas – yay, team, good work.

So, the compendium is primed. Did I leave anyone out? Do you think I’m way off? Trust me, this show is so much fun! It’s bigger on the inside!!


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