Hiya. Welcome to Doctor* Pew. I’m not a doctor, but I love all things doctrine and almost all things doctor who (I’m still not ready to talk about the latest season.) I love the human condition, and tea, and I’m pretty sure the apostle Paul and I would’ve been best friends (and all my real life friends are pretty sure that’s not the case.) Clive Staples is my other BFF.

My favorite writers make me feel known, and like I’m not alone in this world – not in my triumphs, and not in my struggles. Over the years, after countless hours of conversation with long-suffering friends, I’ve learned that whatever it is, it’s usually not just me. I write to you, dear reader, so that from one stumbling saint to another, you can take heart that whatever it is, it’s not just you, either.

❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “Commencement.”

  1. So excited to read more! You regularly leave me with “it isn’t just me!” moments, and that’s without a delete button. Keep dissecting, my friend!

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