Hiya. Welcome to Doctor* Pew. I’m not a doctor, but I love all things doctrine and almost all things doctor who (I’m still not ready to talk about the latest season.) I love the human condition, and tea, and I’m pretty sure the apostle Paul and I would’ve been best friends (and all my real life friends are pretty sure that’s not the case.) Clive Staples is my other BFF.

I love to write because it’s like getting to have a conversation, but only saying what you mean to say, while leaving all that’s best left unsaid, actually unsaid, which so rarely (read: never) happens to me in realtime. 

My favorite writers make me feel known, and like I’m not alone in this world – not in my triumphs, and not in my struggles. Over the years, after countless hours of conversation with long-suffering friends, I’ve learned that whatever it is, it’s usually not just me. I write to you, dear reader, so that from one stumbling saint to another, you can take heart that whatever it is, it’s not just you, either.

❤ ❤

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